Crystal Therapy uses the natural crystals of Clear Quartz (The Master Crystal)and Smokey Quartz to replace any negative or stagnant energy with new, positive, sparkling energy. This treatment includes a chakra balance to leave you feeling totally renewed and rebalanced.54419185-F762-4ED5-8557-20E8349B743C

Why choose Crystal Therapy?
This is a great treatment to rebalance the body and allow the body to heal itself. It is often popular If you are making any important decisions in life or moving onto a new chapter. When there is a blockage or disharmony within the energetic body, it can very often manifest into a physical or emotional illness or imbalance. Therefore energy healing is hugely beneficial for the wellbeing of all three bodies: emotional, physical and spiritual.

Clear Quartz
This is the ultimate healing crystal as it amplifies whatever energy or intent is programmed to it. Known as the universal healer, Clear Quartz brings balance and harmony to your mind and body. It can bring clarity to the shadows within the mind. The specialty of this crystal is its ability of manifestation, which is unlike any other crystal.25A04C27-A2FD-4380-980C-4C152492AFA8

Crystal Healing Benefits.

Crystal healing is a complementary and natural approach, meaning it can be used alongside traditional medicine and has no negative side-effects. The benefits of crystal healing are varied and take place on several different levels.

Perhaps the most common benefit reported is the deep relaxation that takes place during a session. This type of relaxation helps aid general well-being and is particularly useful when treating stress and anxiety. It can also help ease tense muscles which can help improve physical pain and sleeping problems.

On an emotional and spiritual level, crystals can help enhance self-esteem, encourage clarity and inspire a sense of peace and centredness.

Perfect if you need to make a big decision, life choice or if you are recovering from a change in your life and are looking to start the next chapter feeling empowered and positive.

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